Digital humanities, to me, is a new way to not only think about things differently, but also DO humanities work differently. There’s a bridge between thinking and doing. Instead of simply writing about a text, for example, digital humanists create a new tool that allows them to make new connections, form new interpretations, and understand something in a new way. By changing the form of their work, the digital humanities open up new possibilities and create new theories.

Fundamentally, then, digital humanities seems centered around creation. Not only is a new tool or method created, but a new way to think is created. Technology changes the form of academic work, but this is not all. As Brett Bobley writes, “technology has radically changed the way we read, the way we write, and the way we learn” (qtd in Gold 62). Digital humanities recognizes that technological innovations and have changed the way we can know things and absorb information, so we should consider also adjusting the way we do scholarly work.

Beyond “traditional” academic work, I would consider the Walker Art Center to be an example of an organization that engages in the digital humanities. Here’s a link to their site: http://www.walkerart.org/. Their website engages a number of different visuals, senses, and formats—there are videos, photographs, blogs, and even audio guides for their museum exhibit. The website not only teaches about the museum itself, but also informs people about the works of art and theory.

Here is a video that acts as a sort of “trailer” for an exhibit. I find it a new way to engage with the “text” (an exhibit, in this case) and ask new questions about museums, art, and how we can interact with museums in new ways.


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