For my final digital storytelling project, I wanted to argue for the storytelling power of Instagram.

To access my project, click on each section of the Instagram screenshot as you move down the post. Each segment leads to a different page of a website I created specifically for this assignment.

titleproject-2_07caption hashtagcommentlike


  1. Bibliographic Information is provided on the “Sources” tab, which doesn’t have a link here.
  2. While I am aware of Instagram’s video capabilities, for the sake of space I decided to omit this feature in my analysis.
  3. While I used other Instagram user’s photos, I link back to their profile. Also, I only used users whose Instagram accounts are public.

3 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling Final Project

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  2. Hillary: This is such a strong project: you make your case convincingly, and compellingly, as you move from feature to feature within what might initially seem to be a minimalized platform for authoring, to prove the many ways people produce coherence even within fragments. I suppose the open question is whether while what you say is true, it is the SMALLNESS of these many efforts, their dailiness, that pushes against DST’s aims which are to find moments of deep or large coherence around which to focus ones telling. Would a “true” DST of these Instagram fragments be only when the teller drew LARGER conclusions, by linking efforts, or when she went back to find the MOST SPECIAL day and narrated it again. How does the very dailiness, ease, and perhaps even expendability of the efforts you look at function in another register entirely than DST. I think we might have room for both!

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